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Brad Collins

Engineering Manager

Brad started his aviation career with the RNZAF working on a variety of aircraft. He started with Rotorcraft in 2003 and after becoming a licensed engineer promptly left to work on fixed wing. 

After 3 years of nightshift he returned to the Rotorcraft crew for another 3 years of fun before departing again to work on helicopters and the odd Cresco in Wanganui. 


After 4 years there he packed up the family and spent 2 and a half glorious years working (occasionally) in Fiji. What a time! Did he mention he owned a boat there? All good things must come to an end though so he returned to his hometown of Hamilton to once again work for his beloved Rotorcraft, this time as co-owner.

He is a 6'1" bass playing Gemini with blue eyes who enjoys long walks along the beach, sunsets and winding up his lovely wife and 3 kids. 

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